Custom Area Rugs

Add some character to your home

In thinking about area rugs for your home, one can often thing first of the decorative element they provide. With a wide selection of colors, designs, fibers, shapes, sizes, and bindings, it’s easy to pick the perfect one to fit in with any decor scheme. But there’s a second job that these rugs can do in the area of protection that makes it well worth the effort in researching. To find out more about how you can protect your flooring and look great doing it, continue along with us.

Floor Gallery would love nothing more than to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in flooring. With a variety of products and supplies to choose from, we also offer services that will help bring everything together. Our focus is on you, the customer, and we invite you to visit our Sunnyvale, CA showroom soon, to allow us the opportunity to assist you. Our flooring specialists will be standing by for your visit.

What area rugs can offer you specifically

Area rugs do their job well. In protection, they can help save flooring that happens to be directly beneath large, heavy pieces of furniture. On hard surface flooring, these rugs can keep those heavy pieces from creating irreparable dents. For carpet, they protect again crushing in much the same way. They help to bear the brunt of the weight, saving your floors from an ugly future.

For decorative style, they can be placed in any room, large or small. The various sizes and shapes available make it easy to match even the most eclectic decor and an expanse of color and styles leave you wondering how there could possibly be so many choices. The good news is, area rugs can even stand through various interior design trends, so you won’t have to change them often. On the other hand, to gain a whole new look on any room, simply pick the rug up and move it to a different location.

The great flexibility in these floors is that they are mobile. Just like moving them from one room to another, they can also be taken out for professional cleaning, or just aired out in the springtime sun. If you prefer spot cleaning your own area rugs, be sure to ask us about proper cleaners to use on the fiber you choose for your rugs.

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