Glass Tile

What you should know about glass tile

The possibilities that come with glass tile are nearly endless, as you will soon find out. With a wide variety of uses, you’ll find them easily fitting in to all kinds of decor schemes. As you seek to better personalize these tiles, you’ll find plenty of options that will make these pieces truly your own, as rustic or phenomenal as you want it to be. From installation in fireplaces, backsplashes, floors, walls, and more, you’ll find them incredibly versatile. Their lifespan means you’ll be enjoying these great looks, all personalized by you, for many years to come.

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Glass tile facts for you

When it comes to appearance, the sky is literally the limit on the variety of looks you can accomplish. Do you like shine, glitter, sparkle, or bottle-glass look? Perhaps you’re more interested in textures such as fabric-diffusion, dimples, stripes, or waves. You can even choose the illusion of great depth with transparent tiles backed with depth-enhancing hues and pictures. Irregular tiles add a more rustic look, but can demand much more grout than traditional sizes.

When it comes to deeper details about glass tiles, it may be important to you that they are considered a green product. It only takes about half the amount of energy to create a glass tile that it does to create a ceramic tile. Furthermore, you can even find recycled tiles in this line as well.

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When it comes to cleaning, glass tiles are an easy task. They resist mildew, mold, and stains, completely ridding you of the necessity of scrubbing these pieces. Since they show dirt with ease, you’ll be able to tell right away when they need attention. They aren’t porous, so you never have to worry about their soaking up bathroom or kitchen grime, while they also resist damage caused by certain chemicals.

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