Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is reliability you can stand on

It’s always important to choose a floor covering based on your exact needs, and hardwood can meet many of them. However, it’s also important to find a flooring you can enjoy looking at and walking on for the length of their lifespan as well. These floors also meet that requirement as well. Often coveted, these floors can add style, elegance, and a timeless sophistication to every home they’re installed in, and you’re soon to find out more about why.

Floor Gallery is happy to offer our services to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their flooring experience. We put all of our experience behind our products and services, in addition to making them affordable for any budget. Whether you’re looking for the floor covering for your first home, or you’re in the middle of a remodel, we’ll be happy to help you. Just visit with us at our Sunnyvale, CA showroom today. Our sales representatives will be standing by to answer any of your questions and help you find exactly what you’re looking for in flooring.

Choosing the best hardwood features

Hardwood flooring is really a culmination of a variety of options that you get to choose and personalize yourself. For instance, you’ll start with a species choice, which could be the most important in the entire project. It is this species that provides much of the durability that will carry your wood floors through to their expected lifespan end. Rated from very soft, to very hard, and a wide variety in between, you’ll find one or more than could stand up to your specific foot traffic and activity levels. Make sure you choose wisely.

You can also decide whether you’d like to have prefinished or site finished wood. The result may be more varied than you think. With prefinished wood, you’ll get a great look with an expedited installation process. However, with the site finished option, you’ll have far more color choices in stain to choose from, but a longer installation process. Some woods, such as American Cherry, really need no staining at all. A clear coat can be all it takes to magnify the existing hue that is natural in this species.

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Choosing a finish is a great way to close out your flooring project, with a high gloss finish being most widely recognized. However, you have many other options including distressed and hand scraped, and these can even do a great job of hiding signs of everyday wear and tear. The result can be the opportunity to put off refinishing for several extra years, thus extending the lifespan of your flooring even further.

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