Solid wood flooring, indeed, has a classic, appealing appearance that’s truly one-of-a-kind. While quality hardwood flooring has always been in high demand, nowadays, a new style has emerged, and it’s quickly become a favorite style! With this informative article, you’ll get to know wire-brushed hardwood and several of its advantages.

What is wire-brushed solid wood flooring?

In short, wire-brushed planks have the appearance of having had their surface scraped, giving the slats a unique, grainy look. Homeowners tend to appreciate this style, because it displays a natural, dramatic style, thus showing off its elegant, textured character.

Main advantages textured hardwood

The most notable advantage of wire-brushed planks is its distinctive appearance. A very popular look in Europe, many homeowners choose textured slats for this such reason; to get a stylish European flair! Since the hardwood must be scraped, the slats must be of a very durable, tough consistency. Because of this, you’re assured planks that are incredibly hard-wearing. Additionally, another advantage of this style is the way the surface is already distressed. Therefore, any extra light scratching, from pet claws for instance, simply blends into the pattern of the planks.

General upkeep

In general, as the slats have exposed nooks and natural crevices, it can be a little bit harder to maintain them, compared to other hard surface options. As such, it’s best to clean the floors regularly, so as to minimize potential dirt and grime build-up, which can pose a problem with upkeep if not addressed often.

Get help from the professionals

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